SyncManager is now BYRD

Whether it be suppliers, manufacturers or retailers – electronic, quality-assured product information is the foundation of the business.

Product Content eXchange for Digital Commerce

Whether it be suppliers, manufacturers or retailers – electronic, quality-assured product information is the foundation of the business.

SyncManager allows retailers to aggregate product information from various sources and directly from their suppliers, ensure quality, enhance it with their own information before using it for their internal PIM, ERP and online shop systems.
SyncManager allows manufacturers to aggregate product information from various sources, enhance it, ensure its quality before publishing it to retailers, marketplaces, data pools, shop systems and other data recipients.

SyncManager is now BYRD – theplatform

More than just MDM, PIM, PXM, DAM and GDSN

Out-of-the-box configurations for retail, industry and healthcare sectors — Enhanced content and analytics for online commerce. With BYRD – theplatform you can manage any kind of product content – electronic and quality-assured.


Efficient procurement

Efficient procurement of electronic product information:
  • More content
  • better quality
  • no increased personnel expenses

Accurate Master Data

Accurate master data is the foundation of logistics, purchasing and sales. Improved master data can reduce logistics costs by 3 – 4% for instance.

Conversion Rates

With enhanced content, a 12 – 36% higher conversion rate is achieved, as the consumer experiences an enhanced product experience in the online shop.


Quality assurance

Validation according to country and industry-specific standards (e.g., in GER for FMCG according to GS1 DQX and in healthcare according to COVIN and GS1 GDSN). Enrichment and correction is then workflow-supported.

Low implementation cost

Data models, validation rules, business workflows and output channels already available out-of-the-box for many use cases. Connection of internal systems via standard imports and API quickly feasible.

Enhanced Content

At last, have a direct influence on the product detail page in the retailer shop! Complete design of one part of the product detail page in the retailer shop and thus a 12 – 36% higher conversion rate.
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Radeberger Group partners with Bayard Consulting Group to develop future-proof product content solutions for its beverage wholesalers.



State of the Art Multi-Channel Content Sourcing


»I like the visionary thinking of Bayard Consulting’s experts. Their products allow for easy deployment.«

Alexander Gerhard | Head of Departement Data Management | Radeberger Gruppe


»Working alongside Bayard Consulting‘s master data experts, we have partners who understand our specific requirements in the healthcare sector very well.«

Christian Quaß | Director Regulatory Affairs | Pajunk GmbH Medizintechnologie


»With data quality monitoring in SyncManager, we are able to evaluate data quality of each supplier according to our requirements and to work towards appropriate improvements in a targeted manner.«

Christoph Matt | Head of IT Purchasing & Logistics | E-Healthcare Supply Chain | Sana Einkauf & Logistik GmbH


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